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RE: Additional Game Channels

PUBG (b/c that is the only other current game I own on PC).

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Additional Game Channels

As we continue our road to becoming a true gaming community, I'd like to put up a vote for additional game channels. These channels would be for games that we don't actually host, but players would like to have friends and teammates to play with.

Some examples would be:

World of Warcraft
League of Legends

These channel categories would act the same as the current Ark and Conan channels by only being available when added to the role (which will be listed in the help section for the bot once we add the commands).

Please let us know in your replies what games you guys play and would like to get groups going on the most.

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RE: Extinction Core Map Poll

crystal isles

Let's try something new!

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Extinction Core Map Poll

Scorched Earth will be taken down on Saturday July 28th. We will be replacing it with the Extinction Core mod. Option 2 won the previous vote so items/dinos will be able to be transferred into EC, but not out of EC. The bad news is what you bring in stays and will be left there to die when EC is replace in November for the next Ark DLC.

We need a map to play EC on so here is another poll for you PvE players.
A. Island
B. Center
C. Rag
D. Crystal Isles
E. Volcano
F. Write in

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RE: Community Logo Design Poll

Thank you all for voting, the two logos we'll be moving forward with will be:

Gear Logo - 12 votes
S Logo - 9 votes

All logo submitters will still be receiving 'Backer' status as a show of thanks for their hard work and contribution to the community!

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