Supreme Gaming Atlas PvPvE: Claim System Removal

We are hard-pressed to make this announcement, however, in the interest of ensuring a fair experience for everyone that joins this community, we will be turning off the Atlas claim system on all of the Supreme Gaming Atlas servers for an undefined amount of time. This however, does not mean that it will be a permanent change.

Over the last week the players have face a lot of frustration with how the claim system currently operates, which have prompted us to add a few basic rules with how many claims people could make and preventing claim stealing. The fact of the matter is, that there is a large number of players that either negligently or malignantly violate these rules creating the following problems:

  • Setting down claims without immediate use (place-holding). This removes land which could be immediately used by another player.
  • Under-utilizing claims. While even under the 3 claim limit, players are claiming with no real intent of building and skirting by the rules by building minimal structures to feign active development/progress.
  • Some people have figured out entire claims can be stolen, and once done allows them to demolish and sink structures and ships in addition to stealing any resources there which cost players a lot of time and effort.

For the health of the community, we have to be prepared for new players. As it stands, new players are having a difficult time finding any land and are finding themselves in a difficult position where they have to decide to stay and sail for an unknown amount of time in HOPES to find available land, or leave the server and go to a lower population server where they have a higher likelihood of finding a land. As a community, the more players we have, the more opportunities for trading, making friends, and fun and engaging experiences.

This, we predict, will not be a very popular decision among the already established companies. Some arguments we have seen include:

  1. Players will be able to build close to each other. Some people don’t like to have their neighbors too close to them or players.
  2. Players will be able to spam structures as a form of territory claim
  3. Resources that would have been protected by a claim would no longer be and would allow other players to build on them. This is especially true for areas where rare resources are abnormally present.
  4. Will fully interrupt the taxation system.

Please consider the following points, as a counter argument. In order:

  1. This will tackle the problem of new players not finding any area to build. Even as we plan to roll out more shards, it is only a matter of time before those islands are saturated and maximum capacity is reached simply due to how large claims are and how valuable shoreline real-estate is for shipyards. In all fairness, the biggest value to shorelines is the ability to have a place to craft and release a ship. This game is all about boats, and without a boat players are severely restricted with how much of the map they can travel to and explore. Larger development centers such as main bases can be easily relocated slightly more inland.
  2. We plan to introduce the same building and territory restrictions we use in our Ark PVE servers to combat this. Territory claims will work as follow:
  • A maximum of two bases per shard are allowed. These are defined as:
    -- Permanent
    -- These bases must be active development centers, where a lot of company activity is focused.
    -- Any size
    -- Must not block, enclose, or be built on more than two sides of another company’s structures. Leave enough of a buffer for all parties to expand.
  • An undetermined limit for outposts. These are defined as:
    -- Small temporary location that is clear-able on demand if another player wishes to establish a permanent base on.
    -- Not built in a location where a large base would be built.
    -- Accompanied with the bare-bone basics such as a bed, a few crafting stations, boxes, etc.
    -- Maximum size of 4x4 foundations.
  • Foundation, pillar, etc spam is not permitted and treated the same way as excessive claims.
  • Structures will have traditional decay timers that will require timer a timer refresh occasionally. After the timer depletes, as would with inactive players and companies, these structures will automatically decay and continuously open new land for new and existing players.
  1. Areas that are abnormally rich in precious resources can be protected in such a manner that can prevent players from building on them. Furthermore we are able to introduce a building restriction list for areas that should be considered common to everyone, on which building will be restricted and any structures placed there would be demolished on sight without prior notice. This is something we also employ on our Ark PVE servers and has worked wonderfully.
  2. Unfortunately the taxation system will be crippled by the removal of the claim system and players will no longer be able to tax other players harvesting resources on their territory. While losing passive resource gathering will be a bummer for those territory owners with desirable resources, the resources will continue to exist and is always faster to harvest by hand. Any other resources that are not considered “valuable” are abundant in excess that passive gains are mostly insignificant.

We are fully aware of some of the upcoming changes to the claim system in official patches next week, these have the potential to introduce new problems.

  • From what we have gathered, without the ability to restrict territories as neutral through settings, people will set their claims to restricted and we’ll end up back where we are currently with land scarcity.

At the core of this decision is the amount of time that fixing problems related to the claim system, that the admin team has to expend. Please understand that while we love to provide the services we do, we also have real-life obligations (school, work, etc) and are also active players in-game. At the current moment, the claim system is so broken that players with the know-how can use these broken mechanics in such a way that even with admin commands we are unable to do anything. This results in claims being temporarily un-removable for the duration of the remaining claim upkeep timer. We strongly believe that this time could be better spent in future improvements and server developments.

Until Grapeshot grants us the tools to properly deal with this issues, these changes will take effect as of this post. We hope you agree or, at the very least, understand our grounds.

Please leave your comments below or on the server discord @

TL;DR: Claim system is going away, get rekt.

good server, if what you are looking for is ADMIN ABUSE and 2 DONATORS companies that decide who plays and who doesn't, and as they are donators, the admins always defend them. NOT RECOMMENDED TO PLAY ON THIS SERVER

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