New to PVP - What to Expect

Hey guys. Long time Ark player. Haven't ever done anything as far as PVP is concerned. What Can I expect just starting out? I figure my best option is to lay low and slowly build up materials until we can mass produce something. But can we expect to be raided as a small tribe starting out?

We discourage players from attacking tribes who are largely defenseless so you have a loose protection starting out. This isn't to say that another player of equal footing can't come and attack you, but you shouldn't get wiped by, say, a tribe with a full metal base and high level dinos.
PvP is a pretty fast paced game mode for Ark. You'll need to make sure you always look at your base with enemy eyes, trying to see where holes in your defenses are and covering them.
Also, you'll want to craft and ORP pillar as soon as possible. This increases your structure HP by 45x and your dino HP and damage by the same. This will greatly help, but not totally prevent, your base from being raided offline.
Build smartly, make allies, and engage in proper diplomacy and you'll usually do fine!

Good Luck!

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Is there a discord where I can get some more information?

@hank said in New to PVP - What to Expect:

Is there a discord where I can get some more information?

Found it. Disregard.

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