Statbreeding Explained

Author: Roofpigeon
Latest Update: 2018, April 12th

This guide serves as an explanation to anyone who would like to effectively stat-breed dinosaurs and create super dinosaurs in this fashion. I'd like to give a special thank you to JohnTek and Orbis for providing valuable information to me.

Table of Contents:

  • Requirements
  • Dinosaur stats and levels explained
  • Reading dinosaur stats
  • Mutations explained
  • Taming and selecting dinosaurs
  • Building setup
    o Mammals
    o Reptiles
  • Basics of breeding
  • Breeding


  • 9 x S+ Tek Mutators (maybe 1 extra in case you're breeding something unbreedable such as Wyverns)
  • ARK Smart Breeding application (download here )
  • Building materials including the Hitching Post
  • Element to work the mutators
  • 1 (preferably) perfect tame Male
  • As many Females as you want!

Dinosaurs stats and levels explained

ARK's creature levels are determined by the amount of points in one stat.


Every stat has a maximum of 255 points you can accumulate into it.
(You want to aim for 254 points, at 255 the stat in question won't be levelable anymore)
In case you ever saw level 1000+ dino's that's most likely because HP, Stamina, Weight and Melee damage are the most populair stats to level.
Those 4 combined would already be 1000+ points into stats combined with the random points in Oxygen, Food, Movement Speed and Torpidity would easily bring you dinosaur to 1000+.

For the remainder of this guide i'd like to make note the difference in some terms:

Stat points: The amount of points accumulated into 1 stats (e.g. HP)
Stat value: The netto value you see in the inventory (e.g. HP = 3960.1 as shown in image)
Level: Dinosaur level which is a direct accumulation of stat points

Reading dinosaur stats

To read dinosaur stats you need the ARK Smart Breeding application.
Please refer to my guide regarding the application on this forum here

Mutations explained

ARK's system is so you get a random mutation every once in a while which adds 1 stat point to a random stat.
As long as your creatures have below 20 mutations either on the Matrilineal or (preferably and) on the patrilineal side there is a chance for a mutation to happen. (see images)



If both matrilineal and patrilineal sides of the Random mutations exceed 20 then you don't have a chance of getting a mutation and you should cross-breed.


Luckily you do not need to wait for a random mutation because we have the S+ Tek Mutator.

Taming and selecting dinosaurs

Starting off

So you have a dinosaur that you want to max out possibly.