Tribe of John Passive Pen Violation

My in-game player and tribe name: Esspee (Esstribe)

Agressor player and tribe name: FatFuq (Tribe of John)

Map: Ragnarok
Approximate Coordinates (lat/lon): 16, 64
Rule(s) broken: Passive Dino Pens
Additional details: Several tames inside of my passive pen were killed during a raid on my base. Said pen was located on a raft, with the flags properly colored and plainly visible. The entire pen was open easily visible/accessible.
Evidence (screenshots, tribe logs, chats):
Wyvern and Argent easily visible, with flags.
alt text
Tribe log of Wyvern, Argent, and Griffin (had not tamed yet in the first screenshot) being killed. All three were on the raft.

We have a mod that protects passive dinos if they have an empty inventory and set to passive. I would highly suggest using that option.
I will try to contact this player for response.

A Fool thinks himself wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

I actually contacted them in-game and they said they were "on it". They had an issue registering and confirming email due to a typo in their address. That said, it has been long enough and even resent the confirmation email and has not wandered back here.

If he does not present his case by the end of today, I will place a preemptive ban until he is able to come here and present his argument.

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