Cross Server Chat

Please indicate below if you would be interested in adding a Cross Server Chat function for people to talk while on different maps.

This would simply show all chat in the general chat window during game.

A Fool thinks himself wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

That could be hilarious and fun but maybe a little confusing...

Sounds good, will there be a way to tell what server someone is talking from? Also will we be able to choose which server to talk to such as. “All” or the one you are on?

Im thinking it would make it easier for the community to interact with each other. I like the the idea.

@magmadom Yes. Every message will have the server name appended after the player name, much like how you see tribe names.

For example, if you are on The Island map and I send a global message from Ragnarok, on your end it will look like:

Whatzitooya [Salty Spitoon] [Ragnarok]


Whatzitooya = Player Name
Salty Spitoon = Tribe Name
Ragnarok = Server Name

I think it sounds great! I play on 5 maps so it would make communications so much easier. Genius!

that'd be a handy feature

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