PVE Mod Removal Notice: eco's Stable Structures and Decor

In our attempt to maximize server performance, and after numerous reports from players about client-side lag, we will be removing eco's Stable Structures and Decor from the PVE servers on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Please take this time to make arrangements to your designs.

Any plans to designate another mod with "decorative" features? I loved the PVE aspect of some of eco, but I feel most of it was a waste of mod space. I'm just wondering if there's something better 🙂

We haven't looked into the possibility of it, unfortunately. At this point in time, we're trying to determine what all pieces of bloat we can remove from the PVE servers but it's difficult because while some are used more than others, there's always a handful of players that rely on the less-popular mods currently on the servers and making any immediate changes would result in their efforts being wasted.

Eco's mods are pretty and nice but they add quite a bit of weight to the servers and load times for clients. Not to mention that the textures are super demanding and any large use of them will result in serious client-side FPS drops.

However, this isn't to say we are discounting all possibility of ever introducing any other decorative mods, but just not at this point in time.

Friendly reminder for folks that still need to make arrangements!

I sincerely hope that'll make the loading times a lot faster 🙂

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