PVP & PVE: What else would you like to see in the in-game shop?

If there is something not currently in the in-game shop /shop or /kit but you wish it were, please drop your suggestion below.

Please indicate whether this is for PVP or PVE, as the two clusters have different shop inventories.

Keep in mind that if your suggestion is for PVP, it must not be blatant P2W.

Some ideas that came to my mind:

  • Potion to reset dinosaur's EXP assigned. (dino mindwipe)
  • Unlock all hairstyles + facial hair styles

Admin paint on dino still exist ? That follow the dinos when u breed.

Would like to se Decent Blueprints:
Flak set
Weapons: Harpoon, Sword, Pike 650% ish dmg
Regents: Like 10.000 Black Pearls, for those who dont dvelve the ocean like me.
I would donate right away ^^

Hello!! 😄

Since Valguero got added; I believe there is rising demand for Valguero Boss Kits.


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