PVP Map Rotation Suggestions

Our new PVP setup consists of three maps:

  • Center
  • Ragnarok
  • Aberration

While Center and Ragnarok are permanent, Aberration is able to rotate on a 2-3 week basis. As to what map will be picked is entirely up to the community on what they want to explore but please be mindful that this map will remain for the next 2-3 weeks as of Sunday, whether players like it or not so please be meticulous in your process.

We can offer any of the officially supported maps:

  • Aberration (an extension)
  • The Island
  • Scorched Earth

On top of that, players may choose any of the mod maps on the steam store. The point of this post is to gauge interest in other maps before we make a poll and make a final decision. If you have any other suggestions you'd like to see make their way into the final poll, please comment below. The official poll will go online later in the weekend.

Shigo Islands

A Fool thinks himself wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

If we had higher rates on the rotating PvP map it would lead to more PvP as people fight to farm on that server:)

But otherwise how about Scorched Earth maybe even no tek and can't transfer stuff to?

Low tek scorched earth is fun PvP.

@hoi It's a tough one. In theory yes, but in practice there are many more things that go into determining population than rates alone.

Additionally, we can't just up the rates on the rotating map without restricting transfers altogether because it could be exploited to bring in resources to the normal permanent servers.

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