HOW-TO: Submitting a rule violation

If you believe that a player or tribe is breaking one or more of the server rules (PVP or PVE), we want to know about it. If you decide to post a rule violation, you must provide some evidence to back up your claim(s) as we rely exclusively on evidence we can see with our eyes. We will not extrapolate scenarios based on partial and incomplete evidence or recounts.

Reports must be submitted in the appropriate format (template at end of post) and forum subcategory (PVP or PVE). If you would like to be notified of replies to your report, subscribe to the thread to get email notifications.

Take advantage of the player and tribe explorer to provide tribe/player links as often times tribes change their tribe and proves unreliable to track them by their name.

An example report:

My in-game player and tribe name: Whatzitooya (Salty Spitoon)

Agressor player and tribe name: Johntek (The Zoologists)

Map: The Island
Approximate Coordinates (lat/lon): 50,50
Rule(s) broken: Abused indestructible pillars to create an unnatural choke point.
Additional details: The rules state that players must not abuse of indestructible player-made structures to create choke points. In this case, he built a shield around his base restricting attackers to a single area.
Evidence (screenshots, tribe logs, chats):

This forum is powered by Markdown, a formatting syntax. Please use the following copy-paste template to yield the exact format seen above.

**My in-game player and tribe name**: <playerName> (<tribeName>)

* [Player link](<url>)
* [Tribe link](<url>)

**Agressor player and tribe name**:  <playerName> (<tribeName>)
* [Player link](<url>)
* [Tribe link](<url>)

**Map**: <mapName>
**Approximate Coordinates (lat/lon)**: <lat,lon>
**Rule(s) broken**: <textHere>
**Additional details**: <textHere>
**Evidence (screenshots, tribe logs, chats):**

Overwrite the <, >, and everything in between them. For example <playerName> --> Whatzitooya

My in-game player and tribe name: Valdaglarion (Carlisle Valdaglarion) (Lost Legion)

Agressor player and tribe name: MrSpongecorp??? (MrSpongeCorp)

Map: Atlas (Tile I13)
Approximate Coordinates (lat/lon): 9.59, -66.13
Rule(s) broken: Claimed our area claim on Atlas (pretty sure it was after the rule was made. Would need y'all to confirm that)
Additional details: We had a House being built already, and i logged on today to find out that one of our three claims on an island was taken. We have more, but those were claimed before the rule was instated. We're trying to work on removing those so we are withing the rules at the moment.
Evidence (screenshots, tribe logs, chats):


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