Boss Battle Event

Let's start by thanking all of the admins who are spending precious time organising this event and making sure it goes smoothly.


  • Limited amount of tribes, only 10 tribes per event are allowed in, first come first served!

  • Be there in time, be aware that, if you are not there when your turn comes, you loose your turn.

  • No show, if you are listed as a participant to the event and don't show up, you will automatically be disqualified and you won't be able to participate in the Boss Event following that one. This is to make sure that as many of you guys can participate to the event! If a 24 hour notice as been given, you will be able to enroll for the next event. This is, again, to make sure that as many people can get in, since places are limited and those events are rare.

  • 20 dinos per tribe, every tribe is allowed a maximum of 20 dinos, those dinos have to be normal dinos that you can bring along to fight in normal boss arena. For the full list of dinos you can use take note that, the dinos used have to be able to be brought along for the boss you want to fight. I.E you can not bring a wyvern to fight the dragon, only to fight the manticore. Healing dinos are also not permitted. NOTICE: High level mutated dinos used to fight bosses in these events must be bred by the participant unless permission has been specifically granted by the breeder. The burden of proof is on the participant prior to the event. This rule DOES NOT apply to purple bears.

  • Boss spawn, every tribe, that is enrolled for the fight, can fight up to 3 waves of spawned in bosses. Every waves can be composed of, 50 bosses going from Gamma to Alpha difficulty. The fighting tribe will decided how many bosses and on what difficulty they want them.

Prior Instructions

  • The date is specified in the Announcement channel in the Discord server. Along side of the date will be a time, so please be there in time.
  • The location of the arena is: 93.8/68.7 over on The Center Map.
  • To be enrolled, you will need to DM Jonhtek on Discord. Reservations can only be done by this manner. In this message please include your tribe name in order to know exactly whom the admins have to look for.
  • For better informations, be connected on the vocal Discord channel, even if you are not gonna talk. You will be filled in with what is happening.
  • Do not wait around until it's your turn to fight to get ready, download and saddle up all of your dinos to be actually ready when your turn come.


  • When your turn comes, and that you are all ready to go in the arena, you have to follow the right and right rule, in brief, you enter from the right and exit from the right.
  • Once the fight is started, you cannot exit. If you die during a round then your dinos must keep fighting until all the bosses are dead. All element earned from that round will be forfeited. So be cautious about the amount of bosses you ask to be spawned in if it's your first time.

  • Upon your fight being, admins will offer, free of charge, an element transfer service. They will get you element from The Center to any other map! In order to get this service, you will need to give your element to an admin who will, at the end of the event, give it back on the map you specified. Element can now be transfered across all four playable maps: The Island, Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth and since the first of May, Aberration!

  • While waiting for your turn to come, you can enjoy yourself in the spectator lounge built above the arena, this is a good way for newer player/first timer to know exactly how it goes down.

To close it off. Here is a few screenshots taken by yours truly during the last event ( March 31st ).0_1524005699130_ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2018.03.31 -
0_1524005719512_ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2018.03.31 -
0_1524005743970_ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2018.03.31 -
0_1524005793168_ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2018.03.31 -
0_1524005808594_ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2018.03.31 -
0_1524005827202_ARK  Survival Evolved Screenshot 2018.03.31 -

Dope guide!

Updated to include the new rule and now saying that you can have element transfered to Aberration.

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