Lost my points when we lagged out in rangrok pve

saved up points quite awhile to lose them to a lag spike , can anyone help me out with this or just save again?

Can you explain what happened?


  • How did the loss occur. I know you stated the OP, but I'd like to establish a timeline
  • What did you purchase

no big deal but it was the bionic skin for my giga ...we lagged incredibly hard this morning and just as i typed the command into chat for the giga skin it spiked and never got to my inv but the points were gone...just figured out how to use the points this morning so sucked 😞
and it was approx 12 30 or so maybe....idk ...looked like all the servers lagged at once though , chat lit up lol

Ahh ok. Just added some points to your account to offset the loss.

Apologies for inconvenience!

no apology necessary ....ty very much I appreciate that .......just one more question I have a electric wyvern stuck in the terminal, it wont re-download , can you help me to get him back to Ragnarok by chance ....no biggie if not

ok its the Bionic skin for the giga , it isnt working itself...ive bought it twice now and it doesnt show into inv ??It takes the points out though

@dark-enity You may have found a bug. Can you try purchasing anything else and see if that works?

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