Having trouble with another player in Extinction PVE

I am playing with my tribe on the extinction server and have been having trouble with a player with the steam name Ballergamer112233 dragging corrupted dinos (gigas and wyverns) to our base and when we are out getting resources he is taking our dinos that are able to be carried by a pteradon and taking them away. We have caught him picking up our enforcer and trying to take it outside of the city. I am not sure of his motive but all we want to do is stick to our corner and enjoy the game. We love the supreme servers and have been playing on them on the different maps for a while. Thank you.

Apologies if this has been your experience. That kind of behaviour is not acceptable on the PVE servers and is subject to an immediate ban. However, we do require some form of proof, whether it be screenshots or video. Do you have or are able to get any?

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