Unable to log on to any of the Supreme ark servers.

My problem is this:
I have been unable to log into any of the Supreme ark servers. The supreme ark servers do not show up under my favorites in ARK, they also do not show up under my survivors when I select join. I am also unable to join by clicking the server links on your website, I just get a message from steam that says the server is unresponsive.

My question is:
Have I been banned? ( I have never been banned so I am not sure what happens when I try to log into a server you have been banned from) I don't get any messages stating I have been banned. Plus I am confident I haven't done anything that would get me banned.
Or am I having some weird software issue?
Or has something changed that I am unaware of?

Character name: Kookie
Tribe: Moronic Horde
Steam name: Ravnostricksterxx

Hey there.

Edit: Giving it a second though, yes there were some recent changes. We did a server migration a week ago and the IP's changed, so you will need to adjust your connections. The connections you want to use are:

Extinction (Official DLC) PVP    :    [s2.supremegaming.gg:27017]
Ragnarok PVP                     :    [s2.supremegaming.gg:27019]

Aberration PVE                   :    [s1.supremegaming.gg:27019]
Center PVE                       :    [s1.supremegaming.gg:27021]
Extinction (Official DLC) PVE    :    [s1.supremegaming.gg:27017]
EC (Mod) PVE                     :    [s2.supremegaming.gg:27029]
Island PVE                       :    [s1.supremegaming.gg:27023]
Ragnarok PVE                     :    [s1.supremegaming.gg:27025]

We issued in-game warnings and pushed discord announcements a week before, so you may not have caught them depending on when the last time you played was.

I'm confident this fixes your connection problem, but if it doesn't proceed below.

I do not recognize your steam name, so that's a good start into assuming you're not banned.

Being banned from our servers would not lead to servers being unresponsive or invisible through the steam sever browser. This leads me to believe that your issue with connecting to the servers is purely connection based.

Try this:


Play with that limiter, and test if any of the options work. This is found in Steam -> Settings

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