Atlas: ability to sell ships

Mentioned this on discord, but was asked to put it on the forums too.

I would love to be able to sell ships.

Being a ship builder supplying ships to other companies would be great

How do you see this being accomplished?

It honestly doesn't need that much other then an option to unclaim ships, and a rule against scamming people.

If you can unclaim ships you can do so right after, or before someone hands you the resources/coins you are trading it for.

I mean an actual shop would be awesome.. but probably a bit too much for a mod to accomplish, so the easy way is usually the right way 🙂

If a mod for this pops up, then it's personally it's something I'd really like to see. I'll keep this in mind as mods start rolling into the workshop as it would be really cool to establish a micro-economy.

Great idea!

port city has that ramshackle sloop bp it be neat if you could sell these ships you build through making it a bp. I'd buy one that way if possible but the whole unclaiming aspect might lead like you said to scamming and having people in admin position worrying about that kinda sucks.

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