My in-game player and tribe name: Pikmario (Sorcerers Supreme)

Agressor player and tribe name: Elzora84.ttv (Tribe of Elzora84.ttv)

Map: Ragnarok, Center
Approximate Coordinates (lat/lon): 37/44, others unknown
Rule(s) broken: Griefing
Additional details: She flew around to several locations looking for exposed logged out players and unlocked containers. I don't have the timestamp and the VOD seems muted now but at one point she said to her viewers something along the lines of "I'm mean, I like to go and take other people's things. If they're not around it's not my problem".
Evidence (screenshots, tribe logs, chats):
0:51:00 - Dragging logged out body to drown them
1:03:00 - Dragging another logged out body to drown them.
1:38:40 - Stole purple wyverns. They're being freely given away but the intent was clearly theft due to how excited she was when she saw the containers were unlocked.
1:46:00 - She was led back to the above location by another player, feigning ignorance about it
1:56:00 - Dragging someone's logged out body to raptors to kill them
3:35:20 - Throwing dude underwater to drown him
3:50:50 - Runs into a base with a sign saying "only take what you need." She barely needs, takes anyway

This player has been banned. Thank you.

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