Banned from all clusters and discord

So i am basically known as the bad guy on the server and no one likes me so basically someone asked if anyone wanted a unicorn with a good saddle i said sure then ranx said anyone besides colton then they started saying i have a history and saying that im rude and im squishy my self so i said well that hurt trying to be calm about it and they said grow up alt textalt text

And then after that i guess im the real real bad guy 😞 and then i got banned for good

you can ask sir skeleton and spark ive helped them alot ask tom808lol they all know me and they know im a good person inside
Im just not use to not being able to cuss or swear in a server

Just give me another shot ill change my ign so no one knows who i am and change my steam name and dont talk in chat at all i promise it was all a mistake ;(

That's gonna be a no from me dawg:

From bottom to top:

Then when you were banned you re-joined with an alt and did this:

well atleast thanks for responding 😄

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