Blocking Paths off

My in-game player and tribe name - Kenidra

Agressor player and tribe name - Worf, (The Worf Pack)

Map: Valguero
Approximate Coordinates (lat/lon): 60, 35
Rules broken: hopefully Territory claims.

Additional details:
Worf has a decent size base above and to the right of this location which is fine, however he has erected 2 giant gates on each side of the passage between the small lake area and the main lake. This is preventing easy access to my own base on that is on the lake a short distance behind it, forcing me to transport land tames around the entire mountain range. there is no need for it to be blocked, it's not part of his main base, and it's purely meant to grief others. At this particular point, I was walking a Therazino back. While my Deinonychus can get past, I can't take the Therazino through.

His Base, up and to the right of the Passage
alt text

Passage between
alt text

Sorry for the late reply. Discord notifications stopped working a while back.

Have you tried contacting Worf?

Could you please do ccc in your console? This will copy the coordinates of your current location to your clipboard, and paste here so that we can teleport directly.

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